"Camp Kaylie is one of the most phenomenal programs I have ever been apart of. From the beginning everyone blended together so well it was just incredible to watch. The ruach, energy and love there can't be matched at any other summer experience."
      -Melissa Kheen, New York

      "I loved the swimming dancing and singing on shabbos. I made so many new friends and can’t wait to keep in touch with them. See you next year!"
      Emma Mandel, New York


      "Just like in the Camp Kaylie camp song, everyone joined hands, barriers were broken down and we all become one – large family."
      -Toby Leitner, New York

      "At Camp Kaylie, solidarity and friendships are instantaneously forged at the gates, extraneous differences left at its entrance."
      -Basya Zemel, South Florida


      "This is an experience that is incomparable to anything other. Girls were unbelievable and great."
      -Shira Hochster, Brooklyn


      "I think it's the best camp that everyone should go to. I loved the oneg with the cholent kugel and all the candy!"
      -Jon Rosenfeld, Long Island


      “I have been to many camps before, but Camp Kaylie is best in making friends of any type, kids who are independent and kids that may need a little more help. My counselors were also the greatest! It has been over a month now, but two of my counselors are still in contact with me and even texted a d’var torah to me last week!"
      -Yair, Camper


      "It was not an easy decision, but from the moment I arrived I knew I had made the right choicer! My bunk was such a mix! Girls from communities I had never visited, kids of different abilities. And the singing, dancing, jumping, shouting, never ended! Not only did I have fun, but I really felt I learned a lot about myself and others. I have made so many friends!"
      -Brittany, Camper


      "Camp Kaylie is indescribable- the achdus, the fun, the ruach, the extiement from every day was amazing! We as campers had so much fun. It was impossible not to make friends. At Camp Kaylie- there are special bonds of friendship that will never be broken. Camp Kaylie is simply awesome- in every possible way! I can’t wait for next summer!"
      -Nechama, Camper

      "I’d never been to sleep-away before! I loved the amazing sports especiallt zip lining and boats. The camp songs we sang on Shabbos, the many concerts we had and of course the in-house Camp Kaylie band…it all rocks! I can’t wait to return next year!"
      -Moshe, Camper

      "Our daughter Gitty shared a bunk with Shani, a girl with a developmental disability. Never would they have met otherwise, today they are best friends!"

      -Parents of Camp Kaylie Camper



      "What we also found so striking on visitors day was the diversity of campers from “kippa sruga” to Chassidish- a unique warmth through diversity."
      -Parents of Camp Kaylie Camper


      "Oh where to begin? Shall I expounds on how amazing my campers were because they treated each member of the bunk as an equal? Or how a typical camper confided that the inclusion gives her a feeling of increased self-confidence and self-worth. I think I shall end off with chit chatting about the fabulous programming, sports, day trips and of course my favorite thing in camp- the go- karts!"
      -Tammy, Counselor 


      "To see kids of different abilities walk arm in arm every day… let’s just say my cheeks hurt a lot this past summer. Working in Camp Kaylie was by far the best summer of my life!"
      -Dovid, Counselor