Meet the Camp Kaylie Advisory Board

      As a revolutionary camp with a noble mission of integration, Camp Kaylie has inspired and engaged dynamic lay leadership across the community.


      Ben Englander

      Owner of Rosco mirrors, Ben is a member of the Camp Kaylie Board and one of the founders of OHEL’s Long Island Leadership Board. He is co-chairman of OHEL’s successful annual Long Island Golf Classic. Ben and his wife, Yael, support many causes in the Long Island area and Israel.



      Danial Jacobson

      Danial is an active board member of both OHEL and the Camp Kaylie Board. His family has served the community for generations through the family business of Kehilla Chapels. His daughter, Leah attended Camp Kaylie’s pilot summer program in the summer of 2010. In Danial’s own words, “"Leah came home from camp and could not stop talking about how special and meaningful Camp Kaylie is. She had such a great time there meeting new people and enjoying a camp experience she hadn't had before. The programs that Rabbi Hochbaum and the staff set up were phenomenal. She can't wait to go back next summer. Hearing her talk to her sisters and friends in school about Camp Kaylie makes me proud to be a member on their Board of Directors." Danial lives with his family in Long Island.

      David Brecher

       David Brecher, long-time OHEL supporter and 2012 OHEL Gala guest of honor, is the president of First Meridian Mortgage, a residential mortgage banker.  He resides in Lawrence, New York, with his wife Leah and their four children, Daniella, Deena, Avi and Shimshon.  David’s commitment to OHEL and other charitable programs is shared with his family.  His daughters, Daniella and Deena, have worked for HASC, Simcha and Bais Ezra, an OHEL program.  David’s father-in-law is Irving Langer, a valued board member of OHEL.


      Terry Miller

       Terry Miller lives in Milwaukee with her husband, Todd, and youngest daughter, who has Down syndrome.  Their daughter has enjoyed Camp Kaylie since its inception.  The Millers are one of the founders of Yeshiva Elementary School and sit on numerous boards in the Milwaukee Jewish Community.  Terry has a Master's degree in Special Education from NYU and looks forward to bringing to the Camp Kaylie Board the unique perspective of a parent of a child with special needs and an educator.





      Marc (Zev) Blumenfrucht

       Marc (Zev) Blumenfrucht lives in Manhattan with his wife Vivian.  Marc is a managing partner at Black Iris Capital, a real estate investment and advisory firm.  Both he and his wife prioritize giving back to the community and are involved in various charities and chesed projects.  They revere the importance of breaking down stigma and especially seek to enhance the awareness and need for inclusion and integration of children with all abilities into our society. They are excited to be among the pioneers who are furthering Camp Kaylie’s mission.



      Nikki Sausen

       Nikki Sausen is an art therapist who lives in New Jersey with her husband and three daughters. She spent two fantastic summers working as the Art Director at Camp Kaylie. Her three daughters attended Camp Kaylie and had an awesome time.







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